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draPRO | Building Services Drafting Software
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draPRO is a quality management and drawing productivity system for companies or contractors who require: Many routines that enable designers and detailers to produce "Building Services" Documentation

  • Toolbar quality systems management.
  • The ability to run one or more third party applications.
  • Drawing to be produced for multiple clients ..

draPRO 2016 has many routines that enable the designer, detailer and general drafter to produce “Building Services” drawings much more productively. So much so, that a 40% increase in productivity to that of raw AutoCAD has been achieved.

The increased productivity is brought about by automating routines for HVAC, ductwork design and detailing, electrical power, lighting diagrams, communications, data, hydraulic, hot and cold water, sewer and storm water reticulation, isometrics, fire services, sprinkler reticulation and smoke detection.

What’s New?

        • Removed Administrator rules from install so users have all permissions switched on when installing draPRO 2016.
        • Dra systems folder is now located in the Users folder for ease of customisation. The path is C:\Users\(John Smith)\AppData\Roaming\dra systems\draPRO 2016 STANDARD
        • Compatibility with 32 Bit and 64 bit AutoCAD and AutoCAD Versions 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
        • Compatibility with Windows XP, Windows Vista. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
        • Updated insulation/hatch function. Now users are able to specify the hatch pattern and layer

          • Fixed multiple bugs regarding the MD fire damper tool.
          • Fixed flex duct in SM so it can be drawn without picking an existing line
          • Updated SM flex duct function to use metric values and blocks
          • Updated SM rectangular straight duct function so now when Pick new start point runs if two points are selected they indicate the angle and the distance is used to calculate the number of sections to draw.
          • SM rectangular duct now links up with rectangular duct from other services
          • A Ribbon for all services have been added

View the embedded image gallery online at:

DraPRO 2014 Fixes

          • Width/depth from the draPRO ductulator will populate all ductwork functions.
          • Width/depth updates when swapping between ductwork commands.
          • Utilities Hatch command MD,WS & SM not able to select existing duct pieces by typing "s" fixed.
          • Radius Bend, Square Bend and Straight Shaft tools for MD WS & SM have had the Riser shadow dimensions fixed.
          • Tenancy layer change for MD,WS & SM grille insert or any block insertions was not working fixed.
          • After drawing a ductwork transition, the next duct piece to be drawn from the transition does not take on the correct width/depth values fixed.
          • Utilities Hatch command for internal hatching and fire rated duct hatching are now not on same layer fixed.
          • Remove all doslib versioning except for latest fixed ( creating a problem with other add on’s).
          • All Rectangle ductwork MD, WS Slides updated.
          • Rectangle Boot connection for MD & WS crash fixed.
          • Rectangle Take off for MD & WS crash fixed.
          • Batched all draPRO Blocks/ DWG’s to minimum of 2010 DWG format.
          • Utilities hatch command to have all new insulations added, and scale current view port MD,WS & SM fixed.
          • Aectmain error removed completely from software fixed.
          • When UCS is not to set to world flexible duct creates error fixed

DraPRO 2016 Fixes

          • Fixed the drajump program in ES
          • Fixed the Oval and Straight duct function in SM where the function would only draw one or two pieces
          • Fixed multiple bugs in all services regarding the Fire Damper tool

You will find that working with draPRO 2016 will add to the success and increased productivity of your business.