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draPRO Demonstrations

draPRO 2016 has many routines that enable the designer, detailer & general drafter to produce “Building Services” drawings much more productively, a 40% increase in productivity to that of raw AutoCAD has been achieved. 

These Routines Include

  • Client defined Drawing Set up
  • Create your own Title Sheets
  • Editing Tools
  • Plotting Routines
  • Batch Routines: allowing slide libraries, plotting, user defined routines to be batch allowing many tasks to be automated.
  • Layer Management: Use one of the many structures of layer names & Colours or create a completely new set of layers and colour format to suit your own standards.
  • Fully Customisable: Allowing your own standards and other standards to be applied. If you use your own unique colours and layer structure, your clients requires something completely different you are able to set up such a client within the software allowing you to use all of the tools within many different client standards. Eg you may use the layer name “Duct” and a colour of “Red”, your client may want to use the layer name “Mechduct” and a colour of “Cyan”. You are able to set up you draPRo routines to document differently under different client codes. Ensuring that the speed of using the product is not limited to set standards. Create your own font styles, layer names etc. 
  • Standardised Blocks: are able to be brought into any of the different client environments automatically changing to suit the clients standards.
  • Automated routines for HVAC: ductwork design, detailing. Electrical, power, lighting, diagrams, communications and data etc. Hydraulic, cold and hot water, sewer and storm water reticulation, including isometrics etc. Fire Services, including sprinkler reticulation, smoke detection etc.
  • draLIB is the library portion of the product, housing many plans, elevations and specific details relating to equipment and standard installations within all building services. This sector is designed to be continually upgraded as standards and new plant alter over time.
  • Architectural Clean up: routines allowing fast conversion of old or different drawings that are to be used as backgrounds or xref files to be quickly converted to the way you would like them to be. All of these routines & blocks have been enhanced and redesigned over the Fourteen years of development, ensuring that the product keeps up with the needs of the large network of users. Whilst providing this product for the users of today, the ongoing behind the scenes development ensures that the product is ready for the advances that are just around the corner.

Suggested Operating Systems

  • Windows 8, 8.1 or 10
  • AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 or 2016
  • 1280x1024 VGA resolution min
  • 8 GB RAM Minimum 
  • The more RAM the better 

Drawing Set-up

The facility allows complete drawing set up for each specific client or project allowing complete colour & layer name control specific to the client or project.

Editing Tools

draPRO includes enhanced text, line, attribute, block editing and many other editing tools that can be customised to suit the end users. 

Paper Space

draPRO incorporates many new enhancements to take advantage of the use of multiple paper space layouts in AutoCAD 2016. This allows the end user to change the scale of view ports with minimal keystrokes, automatic uploading of title sheet data etc. Also allows the user to utilise the new features of AutoCAD 2016 efficiently.


Many tools to enhance & simplify the plotting process allowing batch runs etc.



The product has standard layer names and colour structure, all of which can be altered to suit individual needs. Extensive customisation is a simple process with on line help for the general drafter and guidance help for users with advanced skills.                                                                                                                                                                                          



draPRO has been distributed since 1989, initially within a small sector of the building services industry, primarily in Brisbane & Sydney Australia. draPRO is now taking the Building services throughout Australia by STORM with users in all major cities. Also branching out into the international markets with sales in the USA, New Zealand and Asia. The product was initially developed on R9 of AutoCAD with its first release being on AutoCAD R10. Since then the product has been available on each upgrade of AutoCAD, now being available on the recently released AutoCAD 2016. As each upgrade of AutoCAD is produced, we as 3rd party developers ensure that the new features are taken full advantage of within the draPRO release.

Upgrading the product takes two forms, one being to suit the new AutoCAD release and the other being the specific draPRO enhancements. 


draPRO includes a completely customisable scheduling facility, where data can be either scheduled within drawings or saved to a DBF file allowing input into remote spread sheets, specifications or manuals etc. Proprietary items such as sprinkler heads, light fittings, power points, air diffusers, dampers, pumps chillers etc are able to be scheduled to suit the individual needs of the end user. 

Online Support

draPRO’s web-site links the end users to the developers for not only up to date news but also additional routines, library upgrades and general CAD support.

Future Development

The product has many areas of future development relating to each sector or discipline.

For Example: With the HVAC: As we now have a close affiliation with some of the largest construction companies within Australasia we are now able to get close to the manufacturer with our programming and advance the links between the plasma-cutter facilities and also Manufacturers of equipment. The demands that are put forward by these larger contractors ensure that all sectors of the industry talk and develop forward together. Fortunately draPRO has close ties to the large & small contractor, the manufacturer, the supplier. All of which makes the future developments of draPRO most exciting & beneficial to the users. Manufacturing side of the industry where the duct drawn will be able to be extracted to spread sheets for the smaller manufacture, through to direct interface to plasma-cutters and the like.

HVAC: Design side, we have added a most valuable routine to the system in 2016, this is AutoDUCT allowing you to not only draw /design the pieces of duct that are required BUT also allows you to automate the joining of pieces with a single step. This routine is to be expanded to automate the process even further over the coming years. Eventually hoping to link such routines to commonly used duct design programs.

Other issues: This product is to allow you to do what you do NOW, faster and looking great. We plan to take the development step by step introducing the existing work force to a new and better production process of design. As the architectural details (that are vital to our production of design drawings in the building services) improve in both quality and content we will be right behind them interacting draPRO to what is on the ground being used. There is no sense in offering a product that is before its time and NONproductive. We pride ourselves in having a product that is flexible, user friendly, high in quality and most of all very productive? 

The future development of the product is most exciting. Our ever-growing team of draPRO users will be the long term beneficiaries of this development.


  • Shop detailing of HVAC (Mechanical Services) showing sheetmetal sizes, duct numbering, item references for scheduling.
  • Model Space & Paper Space view port control linking layout title sheets viewport scales etc.
  • Grid & line type set up to simplify the drafting of isometric view drawings. Including valves etc.
  • Pipe-work Automation of drafting routines, including insertion of valves, line type control etc.
  • Model space view ports within one drawing allowing line type, text height, hatching scales etc, to suit various scale factors in one model. Pen weights/Colours are completely customizable to allow different standards.
  • Hydraulic Services, symbols & line type control. Including common symbols.
  • Many drafting routines to enhance the general task of producing high quality documentation.
  • Sprinkler heads, and other fire symbols provided, easily inserted & data based linked for scheduling.
  • Library of commonly used equipment, containing thousands of selections, selected via brand name or equipment type.
  • Architectural routines to assist in producing back grounds, grids, wall & windows etc. Do you get strange Architectural backgrounds to work with? We have “ARCHCLEAN UP” routines which standardise your backgrounds.
  • Communications and Power symbols including switchboards, distribution boards & cable duct etc.
  • Legends for all blocks used within the software separated into categories, completely customisable.
  • As the Building Services Sector work for various clients, you are able to have various clients definitions, allow different pen weights and Title Sheets to suit.
  • Automation for insertion of symbols, trimming of lines to suit within the circuit diagram.
  • Lighting symbols including switching, circuit wiring etc.
  • Design drafting of ductwork showing air way sizes, ductwork hatching for insulation.
  • Symbols for various air diffusers, registers and grilles.

For More Information

Contact your local draPRO Dealer for more information on draPRO 2016, or contact us directly through the Contact Us page.